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Getting in on the PSTI Act

In a concerted effort to prevent data hacking and security cyber-attacks, the UK has become the first country in the world to introduce a new law called the PTSI (Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure) Act, which came into effect on 29 April.

The act has been designed to ensure that manufacturers and suppliers of connectable products comply with new minimum standards of security and help to further reduce attacks made on devices connected to the internet.

In the same way that the GDPR regulations, which came into force in 2018, made it the responsibility of anyone who handles data, of any kind, to protect it, it is now a legal requirement for manufacturers to protect customers even further from unauthorised data hacking and cyber criminals by accessing devices with internet or network connectivity and is not just limited to hardware devices but also to software.

Not only does this apply to consumer goods, but it also now applies to businesses who supply networkable printers, telecoms and IT services.

What does the PSTI Act mean for suppliers?

For a start, manufacturers will be banned from using and allowing weak, easily guessable default passwords like ‘admin’ or ‘12345’ and if a password is in common use, the user will be instructed to change it when they set up an account or a new password. This will help prevent major inconvenience and disruption to businesses, homes and schools.

Secondly, manufacturers and suppliers will have to share with end-users a minimum time frame in which they can expect to receive important support and security updates when a machine is no longer manufactured and if there are any changes, the supplier has to inform their customers as a matter of priority. This is usually between 5 and 7 years unless otherwise notified.

What are network and managed print product partners doing to ensure they comply?

At the core of its business, Copybox Document Systems’ range of multifunctional printer-copiers has been designed with extremely sophisticated security measures as standard but also offer a range of advanced security options too. However, Copybox is working closely with leading manufacturers and are resellers of highly prized products from Develop and Brother.

Develop, in collaboration with its parent company, Konica Minolta, is ensuring that their printers and multifunctional range meet these security standards and that they have processes in place to comply with the Act’s requirements, by issuing their own statement of compliance covering aspects of banning universal default passwords and providing clear information about security updates to hardware and software.

Like most manufacturers, they are committed to a support period of 5 years after a product has been replaced by a replacement model.

What is more, real-time virus detection options such as Bitdefender™ can be installed to anticipate, detect, and instantly block even the newest threats before they can cause you any trouble.

All Brother devices are also fully compliant with the PSTI Act and receive guaranteed software security updates until at least five years after the device ceases production. Brother confirms that all their devices are protected during their manufacture by a default password, which is unique to each device. This method complies to the EN 303 645 security standard which has been in place since May 2020.

Brother also has a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) which is the point of contact regarding any security issues associated with their products.

About Copybox Document Systems Ltd

Based in Bedford, Copybox Document Systems is built on years of experience within the printer and photocopier industry.

The majority of our customers have been recommended to us and we’re proud of our excellent reputation for delivering an unparalleled service to our customers and going the extra mile. The new PSTI Act is one that Copybox is already prepared for so customers can be safe in the knowledge that their data systems are covered and in safe hands.

Our flexible approach to printers and multi-functional photocopiers allows us to find solutions that fit perfectly into our clients’ businesses, whether they are schools, colleges, small or large businesses, throughout Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. We’re here to help and advise. Contact us to find out more.