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How to choose the right print equipment supplier for your business or school

Choosing the right photocopier or managed print solutions supplier for your school or business may seem daunting when there is so much choice and just as many ‘myths’ about photocopier dealers. However, the task is made more simple by taking a systematic approach and assessing exactly what you need before you embark on your search for the best company to work with.

Assess your specific needs
There will some excellent reasons why you have decided to start looking at your office printing equipment. Maybe you have been using the same photocopier for years and there is now a ‘knack’ to making it work, making it painful and time-consuming to use. Perhaps you have expanded your business or school and you need to work with a reliable, knowledgeable local company who will help you save money across your entire network. Whatever the reason, it’s vital to consider your criteria, such as print volumes, what type of documents you want to print, your budget and any specific “must-have” features that will be necessary. A thorough understanding of your needs will help you to narrow down your options and look for a supplier who can meet your goals,

Total Cost of Ownership
When choosing a photocopier or managed print solutions supplier, it’s very tempting to consider the low upfront costs as the be-all and end-all. However, it’s important to consider the longer term financial implications of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Consider factors such as maintenance, consumables and energy consumption to get a comprehensive overview of the long-term expenses associated with the solution you choose.

Reliability and Performance
Reliability is a very important requirement within all businesses and education. You need to be sure your supplier will continue to deliver on their promises after the contracts are signed. A good supplier will be able to demonstrate a track record of providing reliable equipment and services. You can carry out your own research by reading reviews and testimonials to gauge the performance of not only the supplier and the level of support offered but also the products they are proposing for you. For example, at Copybox, we provide a list of customers, who can be contacted directly for a reference.

Adaptable and Flexible
When your business or school is planning for growth, now or in the future, it’s vital that your print supplier can offer scalable solutions that will be able to adapt to your changing needs, especially with technology changing rapidly. Whether you’re a small start-up, medium sized business or a large educational institution, a supplier with flexible options can adapt to your changing requirements. Scalability means that your print equipment will be able to operate seamlessly as your organisation evolves.

The Environment and Sustainability
Environmental sustainability is becoming more of a significant factor when it comes to choosing business equipment, in business and education. Printers and multi-functional printer-copier-scanners are now designed to be more environmentally friendly. Your supplier should be able to explain how their range of machines, they offer, help to combat the environmental impact without hesitation. Look for energy-efficient models, how they tackle paper and consumable wastage and ask about their recycling programmes for consumables.

Service and Support
Although this topic may appear at the end of our list, it is one of the most important considerations when looking at suppliers. At Copybox, we have been appalled by the stories our new customers tell us about the lack of care and service they have received from their previous suppliers. A reliable supplier goes beyond delivering equipment; they provide excellent service and support and will be pleased to demonstrate their level of technical support offered, response times for maintenance issues and the availability of replacement parts. A responsive and knowledgeable support team can keep your operations running smoothly and can reduce your overall costs.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the sea of options and find a printing solution that meets your organisation’s requirements.

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